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Acrylic painting "True Colors".
Figurative Art
36 x 48 in

True Colors is more than an ode to femininity, it's an invitation to unfold fully in grace, life and joy, to enchant the world around us as much as to let ourselves be enchanted by the thousand and one colors that surround us. This work is an invitation to dance through life, adding our own touch of fantasy and deploying all our sensuality and energyThis half-tree, half-woman body carries strength and beauty, curves and solidity. It reminds us of the importance of inhabiting our bodies fully and unapologetically, so that we can inhabit the world by expressing our true colors. True Colors makes a mockery of shyness! Her heart is open and radiant, at the center of the canvas, reminding us that all sincere and generous expression comes first and foremost from the heart.

Just as nature displays its beauty with total generosity and without holding anything back, as evidenced by the flowers in full bloom that seem to dance to the rhythm of this moving "she-tree", True Colors also invites us to express ourselves in the world in all our beauty - inner and outer - without holding anything back.

Let's be generous in sharing who we are! Let's shine our light and dance with life! Let's show our true colors and not be afraid to take our place in this world with all our joie de vivre and our fantasy, and especially, let's dance to the rhythm of our own music...

True Colors

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    Hanging system included with suspension wire.

    Not framed.

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