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Creative workshops
Embark on an inner adventure and transform your life!


Intentional Creativity workshops

Meet your Muse

Experience Creation, Ritual, Connection and Transformation

How would you like meeting your Muse? You know, that little inner voice that whispers in your ear ideas and dreams that seem “a little crazy” or "unreasonable", but trigger a feeling of playfulness and adventure that make you imagine your life differently... with a little extra soulfulness and magic, and a renewed sense of vitality?

Through my workshops, I guide you through a creative experience and an encounter with yourself using your imagination in a playful, safe and intimate environment, where you will connect with your inner guidance and receive powerful insights on how to bring more joy and aliveness in your life. 

No experience is required.

I will guide you step by step through the Intentional Creativity method® so that you can paint your own Muse and have access to insights and messages that will enrich your vision of yourself and allow you to take a fresh look at your life. Tapping into my own journey as an artist and into my skills as TRA, Relational Therapist® and Intentional Creativity Teacher®, I create workshops focused on self-development that put artistic expression at the heart of creative change... be prepared for an experience that will take you off your beaten tracks and allow you to go home with an original work of art created by your own hands!

Workshops offered over one or two days, depending on the theme.

Next in-person workshop 4 to 6 people : Date to come


Red Thread Circle



Intuitive painting

Spontaneous writing

Magic and fun!


This day exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere was serene and magical. It allowed me to connect with the other participants and I felt a real well-being to let my imagination run free throughout the day. I loved all the tips you gave us. I would have taken more! Thank you very much for this magical day.

Carole P., Montreal

This workshop took me on a wonderful journey inside myself. I loved the meditation, the red thread, the music, the painting, everything! I have touched my vulnerability and come out stronger and more balanced. I warmly recommend this unique and very enriching experience.

Françoise L., Montreal

You would like to experience the workshop in a private session or with friends?

I offer the workshop Meet your Muse on demand to small groups and through individual sessions over a day or half a day.

Don't hesitate to inquire for details.

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