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Art figuratif et symbolique de l'artiste peintre Virginie Hentzienne

About Virginie Hentzienne

Artist biography

Virginie Hentzienne was born in 1974 in Dijon, France. Drawing was her first passion as far back as she can remember, but it was towards literature and foreign languages ​​that she oriented her studies, an interest that led her to travel to Europe, the United States and Russia to perfect her learning, and gave her an insatiable taste for travel and foreign cultures. After studying in California and graduating from Dijon University with a Master's degree in English, she decided to leave her native country to explore new territories and began her professional life in Montreal, Canada as a freelance translator.

A health problem abruptly interrupted her journey and pushed her once again into the unknown. Traditional medicine proving unable to help her, she followed her intuition and quickly took charge of her own healing process, convinced that her body had a message that it was up to her to decipher in order to recover her health. Exploring unconventional avenues, she started a fascinating journey studying and experimenting with the relationship between body, mind and emotions. This exploration, supported by numerous readings and trainings in meditation, visualization, energetic approaches and bodywork, led her to recover her health and to develop other professional interests. She then became a practitioner of the Holistic Bodywork approach Méthode de Libération des Cuirasses in 2008, and graduated in Relational Therapy in 2018.

On a personal level, her inner work stimulated the re-emergence of her creativity, which she explored in particular through dance and painting. 2012 marked a turning point, when she began following the teachings of Shiloh Sophia McCloud, artist and founder of the Intentional Creativity Movement, and integrated her community of artists Red Madonna, which offered her a path of study of the Divine Feminine and gave her tools allowing her to explore and paint her own representations of the Feminine. This opened a new path of expression for her, using her intention, intuition and life experiences to create images carrying symbols and messages, both personal and universal, in connection with the healing of the heart and the awakening of consciousness. Today, as a certified Intentional Creativity Teacher, Virginie Hentzienne's artistic approach translates into creativity workshops serving a goal of self-development and self-expression, and the creation of vibrant contemporary works of art inspired by feminine images.

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Artistic approach

Nothing is more stimulating than finding myself in front of a blank canvas and opening myself to a fresh space of discovery. The canvas becomes a portal and intuition, my guide. The very act of creating becomes a ritual.
An intention is set, the adventure begins.


What, inside of me, wants to emerge to consciousness?

A spontaneous gesture opens this space of dialogue, in connection with the theme that I have set to explore and I let this energy build the work energetically, layer after layer, by intuitive and spontaneous movements while being carried by the primary intention, observing the emotions and thoughts that arise and their representation in the form of symbols and messages. Taking feminine images as a support, each creation becomes a messenger and an oracle, opening the door to the world of the invisible and to the wisdom of the heart.

It is with great pleasure that I invite you into the world of my Muses and I hope that you will find as much pleasure and inspiration in looking at them, as I have in creating them.

Virginie Hentzienne


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