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Acrylic painting

30 x 40 in.

Gallery canvas


Following your heart is a commitment to yourself that does not tolerate false humility and that involves giving importance to your deepest feelings. Queen of Heart is the expression of self-love and fidelity to one's inner longings, trusting that they are a source of abundance for yourself and others.


Her inspirational message to me:


I stand by my choices, decisions and commitments. I honor my inner beauty, gifts and talents with humility, but assurance.


Queen of Heart

  • Shipping costs :


    Hanging system included with hanging wire.

    Gallery canvas. Not framed.

    • Reproductions on canvas: contact the artist
    • Framed prints, stationery and greeting cards: visit
    • Reproductions on acrylic, white aluminum, brushed, sublimated and wood supports: visit


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