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Acrylic painting on canvas

30 x 48 in


Régénérescence is an invitation to turn our gaze to the Self and nourish ourselves at our own Source. It embodies the regeneration of Being by calling on its inner resources, and invites us to inner silence and contemplation.


Its dominant colors are deep violet, with a golden-white shower of light and corollas of flowers that seem to float in this mystical depth.


Who knows what resources can blossom when we take the time to detach ourselves from the outside world and enter into the depths of our being? Let's allow ourselves to discover this place, outside time and physical space, where we rediscover contact with the Soul that contains us. Like a sacred fountain beneath which we can let all mental preoccupations dissolve and return to our original state of peace and contentment... 


Régénérescence is not, however, an invitation to spiritual flight. Its presence is living, solid, incarnate, and its warm colors bear witness to time spent under the sun and its connection to mother earth. Could this be the secret? ...the perfect balance between the two worlds. 



  • Shipping cost :


    Hanging system included with hanging wire.

    Gallery canvas. Not framed.

    • Reproductions on canvas: contact the artist
    • Framed prints, stationery and greeting cards: visit
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