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Acrylic painting

30 x 30 in.

Gallery canvas


In-Between Veils evokes that aspect of the self that exists "behind the veil", the veil of what we let others see when modesty prevents us from showing everything, the veil of words that often only skim the deep truth of the feelings they try so hard to convey, the veil of conventions and surface reflections, when we don't know how to express what perhaps often has no words. 

We sometimes feel hard-pressed to hide this sensitivity that sometimes shines through beyond us, in spite of us. But somehow, maybe "fortunately" - through the magic of human nature that we all share in the depths of our wounded hearts - has the power to touch others and reveal their truth, more surely than 1,000 words could ever do...

In-between Veils

  • Shipping cost :
    Free in Canada.

    Hanging system included with hanging wire.

    Gallery canvas. Not framed.

    • Reproductions on canvas: contact the artist
    • Framed prints, stationery and greeting cards: visit
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