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Acrylic painting

30 x 30 in.

Gallery canvas


In many traditions, the red thread and red color are symbols of connection, protection, life and sacredness. Whether we think of the ancestral red tents which were places of intimate sharing between women, or the legend of the red thread connecting souls before their birth, it inspires a sense of the Sacred. On this theme, Lady of the Red Thread symbolizes this spiritual link, and in particular, the one that connects us to the Universal Great Mother.


Her inspirational message to me:


I remember my connection to the Great Mother who shows me the path of love and compassion and connects me to the universal Spirit of the Feminine through the ages.


Lady of the Red Thread

  • Sold.

    • Reproductions on canvas: contact the artist
    • Framed prints, stationery and greeting cards: visit
    • Reproductions on acrylic, white aluminum, brushed, sublimated and wood supports: visit
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